International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference 2015

As part of the global ministry of Believers’ Loveworld, we participated in the much anticipated International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference. 

It has been an unparalleled four days of glory, grace and power. 

We celebrated partners of the ministry by recognising all that they have done for the Lord in the year 2015. Watching the Awards Ceremony, we were stirred to do more for the Lord in the year of 2016. Inspiring testimonies from the people who were touched by our ministry made evident how importance and urgent our message is. 
Also, talkshows hosted by Senior partners and pastors gave us practical ways on how to be more effective in the ministry. In particular, the “Rhapsody of Realities” talk show gave us strategic tools such as area mapping and demographics. This will help us complete our 2016 mandate of distributing one billion copies around the world! 
The highlight of the conference was our man of God and President of BLW, Pastor Chris sharing the word of God.

On the opening night, Pastor shared with us the seven reasons for this conference: 
”      1. To impact you with His divine presence.
       2. To impact you with my love for Jesus Christ. 
       3. To impact you with my revelation (Sunesis) of the Gospel.
       4. To impact you with the vision, necessity, the urgency and mission of winning the nations.  
       5. To impact you with the ever increasing grace of God that has been granted to me for the ministry.
       6. To impact you with the triumphant life that Christ has given me. 
       7. To impact you with God’s word for this hour.  “

And indeed, all of these reasons were met and much more. 

On the closing night, Pastor Chris encouraged us to take further our passion for Christ. “Christianity does not do something for you. You do something with your Christianity.”

Through this conference, Christ Embassy New Zealand has been empowered, edified and graced to a new level of glory. We are more than ready for another glorious ministerial year for 2016. Praise the Lord!