Confessions From All Night Prayers


I am a champion for life. Prosperity is mine, Favor is mine. My victory is sure. I am making progress, I am moving forward and upward only, No stagnation in my life.

I am a success for life because of the Holy Spirit. I deal excellently in all my affairs, none of my feet shall ever slide. I have an excellent spirit.

The wisdom of God is at work in me mightily, I know what to do, what to say, and where to go at the right time. I never miss my way. The knowledge of God is increasing in my life.

I increase in Grace which produces in my life, beauty, honour, acceptability, loveliness, goodwill, benefits, endurance, promotion, elegance, charm, glory, favour….

I increase in divine wisdom, I increase in speed and ability. No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

The lines are falling unto me in pleasant places, ye I have a goodly heritage. Ministering angels are at my disposal, working for me. I am a world over-comer. I am more than a conqueror. All things are orchestrated for my benefits.

I cannot be disadvantaged in any way, its all working together for my good because I love the lord. My finances are booming all the time, I lay up gold as dust. My seed is spreading abroad!

I increase in fortune. Great is my peace and prosperity. I am a great personality, I have access to all nations, no limitations, no boundaries.  I am spreading and cannot be stopped.

The glory of God is risen upon me, I am the effulgence of God’s presence. God tabernacles in me, I carry His atmosphere of miracles everywhere I go.

I am strengthened, energized, endued with power, ability and might. I am a great minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. I am an ardent soul winner. Soul winning is my passion and my delight.

Kings are coming to my light and the brightness of my rising. My future is bright and glorious, I do not fail, and neither can I be defeated.

I am super-favoured, I live in superabundance because I am connected to God’s unending supply system. Halleluyah!

5 Responses to “Confessions From All Night Prayers”

  1. thabisile says:

    God is changing my mood i nearly loose hope in christ…

  2. Daniel Leoson says:

    Am really blessed by the confessions and I will be glad if I can be getting them via email everyday or suggest a platform where I can be getting them everyday

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